100 Day Project – Day 10


adjective emo·tion·al \-shnəl, -shə-nəl\
:relating to emotions
: likely to show or express emotion
: easily upset, excited, etc.: showing emotion


adjective \ˈkwik\
: done or happening in a short amount of time
: fast in thinking, learning, or understanding
: fast in moving or reacting


adjective pri·vate \ˈprī-vət\
: for the use of a single person or group
: belonging to one person or group
: not public: not relating to a person’s official position or job
: not known by the public or by other people

Today’s words are not easy for me to fit all together. Quick & Emotional I can see a hothead when these two words are combined. Emotional & Private are the feelings we lock away. But all three together, that is hard. Best I could come up with is possibly Richard Nixon. The sense of the man I get is that he was deeply private, I think he was one of the few invert presidents in the modern age of TV. And I yet there are times he is portrayed as having a fiery temper. So maybe he brings all three words together?

Rob said I should try to relate the words to knitting, again I can figure out Quick and Emotional, but private and knitting, not so much.  Quick knitting for me are those wonderful bulky yarn projects with the huge knitting needles and yarn that almost looks like roving, about 4 rows and you have an instant cowl. Emotional, well that could be the colors, texture or actual garment that all spark particular emotions. I imagine a baby blanket knit by a close friend brings a smile to a mother’s face as she wraps her precious new one in it to go out into the world. In addition, many people say knitting is their de-stresser, it certainly was/is for me. So knitting is emotionally soothing.

Private I got nothing – knitting is a wonderful craft and nothing about needs to be private.

Today’s image is a box in a place of chaos, it is how I think of private locked away emotions. They are often messy and dark.

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