100 Day Project – Day 7

Day-7---626Bring words to the adjectives is easy for me today. They describe all the pets who have ever been in my life. Each one had feistiness that would and does make you laugh. Their antics often make you laugh till it hurts, they are the true stress relievers in my life.

Which is also why they are nurturing.  I don’t believe the crap about dogs & cats not liking each other. One of the most precious, nurturing relationships I ever saw was between my golden retriever and ginger tabby, we called them the Gingers. Tawny the dog, Chauncy the cat were thick as thieves. We could let the cat go outside without fear that he would stray too far (my cats are not outside cats after I lost two to road accidents). If Chauncy got far we would say Tawny go get Chauncy … Tawny lumber off to Chauncy stand over him and plop down and Chauncy would just stay there until we came and got him. As for what Chauncy did for Tawny … well let’s just say my collection of dolls from around the world, that were on the top shelf of built in bookcases, make excellent chew toys for dogs. I can just bet you can guess who made them available to Tawny.

Adventurous – wow where do I start. The silly cats may be cautious about going outside but they will always head for the open door. Lets just say the two small dogs I have & had in my life think they are David facing Goliath. Nuffy, a scottish terrier on the small side, thought she could tell a cow to get off her property. Yes I said cow, and no cows were not the norm in our yard, and yes a kick or stump from the cow would have finished off Nuffy, but she barked her head off at that cow to get out of her yard. My current Mitzy Moo, a rescue puppy who also a terrier of some sort, is the same way the bigger the potential adversary the louder we bark. Crazy puppies, but you got to love their spirit.

Mitzy Moo taking advantage of the AC on drive across country

Mitzy Moo taking advantage of the AC on drive across country

So there, I think I made a great case for at least my pets embodying the adjectives of the day. I bet many of your pets do too.

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