Debbi Friend Spears

Craft Addict

I have been described as smart, funny, good listener, teacher, and patient person.  I also thrive on change. If you know anything about Myers-Briggs my profile fits me to a tee – I am an ENTP – the inventor.  I am usually starting a new project that revolves around knitting, quilting or some other crafty thing. And yes mostly likely I am starting something new and not working on something I started :). I think I may be queen of the half-done projects, although that has now changed as I have moved into the realm of designing.  Prior to designing my own patterns, I would knit until I could see the pattern emerge and then put it to the side. Now being the designer, if I get bore with the pattern I change it up, wow what fun.

I am a big geek, I love gadgets, I love computer software – I like trying out every option to see what it does, and then determining how to put it to best use. I love mixing technology with crafts; one of the first databases I designed was to catalog all my art supplies.  I built part of the application to pull up colors swatches to compare to see if they looked good together.

I am so happy that more and more applications are being developed with the crafter in mind. With the added technology more designers can bring their designs straight to market without having to fight for limited space in a traditional paper publication. This freedom has created an explosion of patterns available that might not otherwise been available in the marketplace a decade ago. Not to mention that we are now seeing a global market, as places like Ravelry give the knitter a place to have a global voice.

Favorite Saying – “Pure Science with a splash of black cat…”

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