baby birds first flight

Baby Bird am I

Yesterday I contemplated how grateful I was for my freedom as an American citizen. Today I want express how grateful I am for a different kind of freedom, the freedom to try something new and scary.

I sit at the kitchen table nearly six months to the day, when Rob & I made the decision it was time to let me try my hand as knit wear designer and pattern tech editor.

The money is tighter than we would both like, but I have to say I am honestly happier than I have been in my whole life. I wake up (or sometimes don’t go to sleep) looking forward to what I am going to take on that day – knitting, designing, working on website, etc.

In my previous career I would start out happy about the day, as time wore on and volunteer boards would do stupid things, the turkeys would get me down and I would begin to dread going in. Happiest days were training with staff and outside functions. I learned a lot, met great people and helped make a few communities better, so I don’t regret my career choice at all. But I simply love what I am doing now.

I was lucky enough to find a great mentoring program called Whisk provided by Butterscotch Press that caters specifically to fiber artists. Polly, one of the owners, and self proclaimed Press Quebaby bird's first flighten, acted as my mentor and she was/ is wonderful. She made me think out a business plan. Held me back when I wanted to go rushing in with things half done. Helped create this wonderful website, pushed me to design enough patterns to show my stuff, and boosted my confidence by letting me do a few tech editing jobs. She took the time on a Sunday to talk to both Rob & I about what to realistically expect and generally encouraged me to keep going.  Granted, I am like a baby bird that just took the first plunging step out of the nest, but I feel like the wind has picked me up and I am beginning to fly.

Just recently, I placed ads in supposedly all the right places, however this is summer and the fiber arts business kind of goes into hibernation during the warm months, so I may get no bites. I have my first pattern for sale out, the testers love the pattern, practically no edits, so excited to see if the rest of the knitting community likes it.

No matter what, it is exciting to have taken the step out of the nest. Can’t wait to see where I go next.

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  1. Awww, this post starts my week off on a real high note. I’m so happy to get to work with wonderful clients like you who are diligently working to see this as a professional industry. I know your skills, coupled with your tenacity and lovely nature, will see you through. Big smooches!

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