Back in the Saddle Again …

Site Backed up – Check

Plugins Updated – Check

Ready, set, go!

I have been absent from posting for quite some time, bad girl. In the time that I was missing in action, I relearned some life lessons.

  • For one, letting toxic people into your life can pollute everything.
  • Yet, you are also told people can’t change you, only you can change you.

Hmm, yeah right, I find myself going more with the first statement.

Also starting a knit designer/tech editor business in the summer, not the best idea. It seems that when the weather is hot, people don’t want to think about knitting or warm weather garments. Expectations were not met, so I needed to generate some income by going back into the work force. I took the first job I was offered, which was within hours of answering the ad, that should have really activated my spider sense, but alas, it didn’t. The job was supposed to be only a few hours, two days a week, and it was within miles of hubby’s office, we could carpool, cool. I figured this would be the best of both worlds, earn some cash, and still be able to work on new business. WRONG!

The job quickly proved to need much more time than advertised, and person I was working for turned out to be in one word, a jerk. The job quickly turned into three full days a week and hours on spreadsheets when not in the office. It also, quickly sapped all my creative energy, so Hummingbird Lace fell off the radar. Ouch! I lasted two months, but when he threaten not to pay me until I completed something that was his fault for delaying, last straw, I was out.

The whole fiasco became a learning opportunity for me  –

  • I learned make sure you understand the full scope of the job and get it in writing (this was a basic relearn, hitting myself over the head for this one),
  • Don’t let toxic people into your life if possible, or minimize their effect on you.

We still need the extra income, so I promised that I would do anything until I could find another part-time job, this included doing online surveys at a $.25 to $1 a piece. Great idea in theory, horrible in practice – I find that I am either too educated, too old, don’t have kids  or something this or that, that I don’t qualify for many surveys, of course you don’t find this out until you have answered the same 10 questions with slight variations. Ah well.

In the meantime it looks like we are moving so that will be my newest focus. Find a place to live, organize stuff, and pack. In addition, I am the Asst Director in Gilmer Arts Theatre production of The Canterville Ghost.

Getting past the part-time job proved to take some time, but now I feel like the cobwebs are coming off and creativity is flowing again, Hummingbird Lace here I come!

I vow to blog more consistently again, (this time I am also going to include my adventures in community theatre), get the patterns in my head out on paper and samples knit up.  I feel like my soul is beginning to smile again, and it is a good feeling.

Ok – put the coffee on, unearth the project bag – go, go go!!!!

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