Bends in the Road


This is a writing I did in 2009 when I was in the progress of making some huge decisions, well I am there again …

Bends in the Road



Around the bend – in a new place, what is around the bend is always a mystery.
So would you rather it be a busy street or a dark patch of forest?

Bends in the road are opportunities to see sites not experienced before …

The bend may lead to a busy street full of sights and sounds that sparks the imagination or overloads the senses.
I hope if I encounter a bend that overwhelms –  I can focus on a smaller element like an interesting vendor  – until the whole street becomes a song for the imagination.

The bend may be on a forest path that leads to a pit of snakes.
I hope if I encounter this bend –  I have the smarts to go back the way I came – then try different bends –  until I find the one that leads to that special lagoon with a waterfall you want to share with your lover.

A bend may lead to a quiet place where you feel instant peace.
I hope if I encounter this bend  – I recognize it and stop to absorb the serenity around me.

A bend may lead to a one-way street in which you find you are going the wrong way.
I hope if I encounter this bend –  I either am strong enough to survive going against the flow or that I find someone who helps me see why I should turn around.

Yes all these illustrations have been metaphors for life. Life is full of surprises aka the bends in the road, that is what makes it interesting. How we deal with the surprises defines the contentment we have in our souls.

Two other metaphors that kept going through my mind as I wrote this were “When life throws you a lemon, make lemonade” and “Take time to stop and small the roses”

When dealing with a difficult surprise –  breathe deep, sigh, regroup your inner strength – believe in yourself, focus on the one thing you know you can handle, then make your move, then move to the next. Hopefully the next time you look up the surprise will not seem so difficult after all.

dlf 5/13/09

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