Blogging101 – Day 4 Target Audience

It is day four of Blogging 101 and the assignment is to publish a post I’d like my ideal audience member to read, and include a new-to-me element in the post.

To set the stage for my next comments understand that I am currently designing knitwear patterns and offering my services to other designers to tech edit their patterns and/or create layouts for their pattern or generate the charts for the pattern.

Butterscotch Press offers career coaching for people in the fiber industry, as part of that service they have a weekly newsletter that comes out on Wednesday. So I get yesterday’s issue and what does it say  … knitter’s want to related to the designer, know that they are real people, knitter’s want to know how you came up with that particular pattern, and that is important to acknowledge the people who helped bring life to the pattern. Basically Michelle’s advice said in particular for our industry.

The writer of the newsletter closed with a great quote

“The goal of social media is to turn customers into volunteer marketing army.” Jay Baer, author, Youtility.

Lucky for me Butterscotch Press has been mentoring me from the beginning of Hummingbird Lace so I have been employing these techniques from the get go.

I have several posts describing the patterns I have available for purchase or download. I also started a weekly feature called What’s on the Needle Wednesdays WOTNW, where I relate projects as they develop, with all the ugly starts and stops (frogging and tinking)**.  In addition, I have a few posts describing my path to this new career and the journey to opening the doors, in this case turning on the website.

In a very long winded way I guess I am reaffirming the advice from Michelle. If you hear it from two separate sources at near the same time, it must be good advice, right?

For me, I want to inspire knitter to read my blog and get interested in what I am designing, basically create a fan. Form there, I hope they will either buy my pattern or be eager test knitters. And that I inspire confidence in other designers that I am someone they can trust to edit their design and make them look good when it gets published.

To see a post that I geared for my target audience, please read yesterday’s WOTNW #3.

As for my new element, I decided to try embedding my Spotify playlist that I listen to when I want to get the needles really moving. Everything pretty much has a good cadence that helps gets the needle moving in a good rhythm.

** for a non-knitter

Frogging – the act of ripping out several or all rows of knitting.

Tinking – Knitting backwards, go backwards stitch by stitch in a row to correct a mistake.

Get Your Needles Moving Playlist

Blogging U.


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