Career Direction

I participated in several discussions this weekend on Ravelry and further read some past threads that helped me make some decisions on how to proceed with a possible career in the fiber industry. One of the things Rob, my husband has been hounding me about is limiting my scope on what I do if I am going to pursue a career in the craft business.

After thinking about this for quite awhile and trying my hand at several things, I have come to the conclusion that my strength is in what I have been doing most of my life, knitting and working with yarn.

I have tried beading & braiding and I produce nice pieces but designs don’t come easily to me, whereas I have several knit designs flowing in my head.

So with that decision made, a path emerges –

  1. Get my name known in the knitting community through test knitting and tech editing
  2. Offer to test patterns for other designers – make sure I produce a quality finished product well before the deadline and make sure I review the pattern with a fine tooth comb to give the best feedback possible
  3. Become a technical editor, which first requires I take a course on tech editing. Hopefully I can do this in March. Then get my name out there. Again when I start editing to give each client a quality review.
  4. Design patterns, but withhold offering them for sale until they have been tested and technically edited. Figure out correct pricing, learn not to sell myself short.
  5. Determine best knitting software and pattern template.
  6. Knit up my patterns using my dyed yarn so that I spark interest in my yarn. Also to start dyeing yarn with better quality dyes. I also want to invest in a better yarn blank maker. Rob was able to fix the Singer Toy Knitting Machine but it still is very hard to use and continues to have held stitch issues.
  7. Put together a list of start up needs/costs work into household budget
  8. Get business registered
  9. Knit, Knit Knit and at the same time look for ways to mix media with Knitting, Jewelry Making and Braiding.

So that’s the beginning of the plan. I have been flopping around trying to decide how to proceed, it feels good to have a sense of direction now.

So what do you think, does it sound like a plan? Do you see pitfalls, if so what?

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