Cowl Design – Birdie Houses

I had a bad case of cabin fever on Thursday so I decided I need to knit something Springy. So I  started off looking at cowl patterns for inspiration and found I really liked a cable edge, it had a nice curvy finished edge. I also like the idea of mixing up traditional knitting, so I wanted the cowl to have vertical and horizontally knit strips. From that I developed the sketch below. The working title was Come on Spring since the colors I decided to use were very Spring-like.

Come On Spring Sketch

Come On Spring Complete

As I knit the last green strip I decided I wanted it to have a flower motif so I used a pattern called hyacinths.  When I showed the cowl to Rob, he didn’t see flowers, he saw houses. And I liked the way the cowl fit better when it was upside down, so I decided to rename the cowl Birdie Houses. So I present a cowl called Birdie Houses. In the next few days I will write up the pattern and put it out there for testing.

Cowl turned upside down

Cowl turned upside down do you see them as houses now?

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