Eating Blue Jello Update

The prep was not as bad as I was led to believe, but I think it was also because I hadn’t eaten much in the previous two days before the colon cleaning. The worst part was craving something that crunched, I seriously considered eating just ONE potato chip, but I refrained. As mentioned I think it does help quite a bit to get the mixture really really cold. I mixed it with Crystal Lite Classic Orange and I really couldn’t taste much of the Miralax, mostly just a little gritty.

The one thing I did realize as the day went on is most of the liquid diet items we purchased were sweet – jello, Popsicles, and soda. After awhile I craved something not sweet. I tried a spicy ginger broth, but it was too spicy, I tried a chili favored ramon strained, but it was also too spicy. Then my most wonderful hubby went to Ellijay to get me miso and wonton (without the wontons, yes they looked at him funny) soup. Life was good after that.

Went in at 6:30a, doctor was running late, did I mention the doctor’s name was Sunshine, still cracks me up. Went in for prep at 7, worst part of the whole thing was the nurses putting in the IV, they had to try three times, my veins blew up on the first two tries. Around 7:30a the dr came in to say hello, next thing I knew I saw him again at 9 and he was telling me I had a clean colon. Wow I don’t even remember going under.

Well all is good, prep wasn’t bad, clean colon and now I am good for another 10 years, wahoo!

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