Holiday Knitting

Holiday Knitting

I tend to do this every Christmas holiday … look through my stash and construct something with no plan. Although looking through the stash is not as easy as it once was. I live in a tiny cabin that can not support me and my stash. So for a few weeks each year I live with walking around bags of yarn just so I can see all my pretty stuff.

Funny thing I have this one yarn “Touch Me’ that feels like mink. Each year I vow to create something so that it doesn’t go back into hiding. And each year I fail to come up with something just right for it. Hmmm … maybe I should move away from just right to something simple that lets the tactical glory of the yarn be felt. Part of the problem is I only have a small quantity of the yarn so can’t experiment too much.

This year I’m experimenting with two of my more unusual yarns, both I think have been discontinued, as I can’t find them on the Ravelry database or in a Google search (therefore they must no longer exist, right?)

I’m using the yarn to the left, but in lavender and some other blue yarn that I definitely can’t find, nor do I have a label for it, grrr.

Also true about my holiday projects, they tends not to be lace and with big needles. This year is no different. The border is done with a mixture of the blue and lavender yarn. The body than leads into a moss-stitch basket weave pattern. I just love love love the optical illusion the basket weave pattern creates. Then planning on another strip of the blue & lavender mix, basket weave again, finished off with another blue & lavender mixture.

It’s a quick project that I should be able to finish by the new year. In the end I’ll have a new cowl, a little less in the stash and some holiday fun!

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