How I Learned to Knit

Recently a friend shared this with me when I shared the photo below

11029544_10153556112469918_3463318421554162516_nDebbi – FYI, my Mothers shares your talent for about 70+ yrs now (she is 90 in a few months) and her blankets are all over the world, her students have brought their children n grandchildren to her. All the best.

It got me thinking about the woman who taught me, she sounds like she could have been my friend’s mother. I learned to knit when I was 4 years old at Mommy Babs Nursery School. About once a week we would go upstairs to the private quarters of Mommie Babs herself, who was a big, big-hearted woman.You could tell she loved to surround herself with children and teaching them her beloved craft. I remember I had the tackiest bright striped yarn and number 8 needles. Everyone was taught at the same time and then one by one we would get time on Mommy Babs lap and she would help us really learn how to knit. The first thing I knit was a garter stitch Dr. Who-like scarf. I think the next year I learned how to purl. But the love that flowed up in that room and the time on her lap made knitting such enjoyable thing to do it stuck with me for life. Mom later taught me the trickier stuff like cables and yarn overs that let me then refine my talent.

Since that time I have learned to quilt, paint, draw, make jewelry, but I always come back to knitting. I guess part of it you can take it anywhere and there are so many different things you can do with what is essentially a piece of string. Heck, I have even knit string!

So for me knitting invokes pleasant memories of two strong women who very much influenced my life in the most wonderful ways.

Thank you Mommie Babs and Mom!

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