I am Maddie!

I am Maddie!

So excited to be cast in the role of Maddie in Making God Laugh at Blue Ridge Community Theater. Maddie being the middle daughter in a 5-person family.

Making God Laugh follows one typical American family over the course of thirty years’ worth of holidays. Starting in 1980, Ruthie and Bill’s grown children — a priest, an aspiring actress, and a former football star — all return home, where we learn of their plans and dreams as they embark on their adult lives. The empty-nester parents contend with their own changes, too, as old family rituals are trotted out and ancient tensions flare up. As time passes, the family discovers that, despite what we may have in mind, we often arrive at unexpected destinations.

As Woody Allen once said, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans…”

So I get to go from 1980 to 2010 in one night. And at some point I have to go through a goth period. Doesn’t this sound like fun! And to top it all off I also get to do a Shakespeare monologue.

I think this is one of the most fun parts I’ve had the pleasure of playing, although doing the Inspector in Murderous Crossing was a hoot.

The play runs from March 7 – 24th. The director has asked us to be off book at least in Act 1 by January 7th, when we start rehearsing. If it works, this will be great. This will allow us to really work on the subtleties of the characters. The play has a whole bunch of comedy, but underneath is family with it’s dysfunctionality, tension and true unconditional love. The whole cast is wonderful, got chills in many places just doing the table read last week.

Like I said, the play starts in 1980 and goes through 2010. The main way to pull off this change in time will be making dramatic fashion statements. Luckily I am pretty much the same age as my character, so I have history to pull from. Granted I don’t think I am going to go back and duplicate any exact looks mind you. So let’s take a walk through my glorious past!

1982 Christmas

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Ok, there it is the big 80s hair!

I have to say one of the looks I’m looking forward to is 2000 and the goth look. Thinking something really out there. What do you think of one of my idea starters? Wouldn’t you love to be a 50-something wearing a tutu?

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