It’s FOXY Time – #2

Yeah, it’s Finished Object eXcitement Y time again. I finally finished the redo of Pebbles on the River, this one is called Purple Mountains Majesty. The aligned lines from the original shawl are the same, but items in between the lines was simplified and beads were added.

  • Pebbles up close, the embellishment between the lines involved Nubbs and Cluster stitches.Pebbles closeup
  • In Purple Mountains Majesty, the embellishment in between the lines is a simple small diamond with a bead in the middle.
    Purple Mountains Majesty

The other major difference is the way the diamonds were formed in the new shawl. I wanted the lines more pronounced so I switched up the yarn-overs and coupled the angled decreases with knit through the back stitches. This pattern produced interesting lace work inside the diamonds that is a happy side-effect.

In the first shawl I used a hand-dyed yarn that had sharp color changes. In the new shawl I used Wonderland yarn that comes in packs of 5 smaller yarn skeins. For the body of the shawl, I used a graduating greys and the lace work  on the bottom was done in graduating purples that complimented the greys.

I wanted more beads at the bottom, so I created a lace piece that heavily favors beads in the first couple of rows as trim. This lace is then grafted onto body of the shawl.

Overall, I am very pleased and glad I took the time to redesign Pebbles in the River. Pebbles will eventually get re-knit in a different yarn and I think then it will be ready for prime time. As for Purple Mountains Majesty, can’t wait to see how it is received, but to even get there I need to construct the pattern, off I go.