Lesson 2 I learned – more about YO and Decreases

The next thing I learned is the flow of the fabric you are knitting is very much effected by where you place the yos and decreases. While this makes perfect sense until I started really knitting swatches I wasn’t aware of how much the distance a yo is from the decrease would effect the shape of the fabric. The further away they are from each other bias or a slant begins to happen. Take it to the next level when using bias in a triangular shawl it matters on what side the yos and decreases are, if you don’t want a misshapen shawl then you have to knit a mirror image of your right side on the left.

This example shows how I put two knit two togethers at the beginning of the pattern section and two yarn overs at the end.



k2tog at the beginning of the pattern row and yos are the end. Fabric is distorted, to prevent this a mirror image of what was done in the first section should have been done in the second section.

I really liked what was happening but I wanted the shape to be mirrored, so I tried another swatch, this time I put the yos at the beginning of the right section and at the end of the left section, similarly I put the decreases at the end of the section on the right and the beginning in the left section. Basically the yos were near the border and the decreases were near the spine of the swatch. I also added some twisted stitches to make the bias more pronounced. Here’s what I got … a fancy seagull I think, maybe a stingray, definitely an interesting shape….


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