Life & a Line

I recently had a hard drive returned to me that I thought was unreadable – on it I found this writing I did back in 2009 … considering my life is a state of big change it hit me hard when I re-read my words. 

A line is a set of infinite points. And a life lived right should be like a line, full of infinite points of interest.

A life not lived becomes a point. A point goes nowhere, whereas a line is always going to the next point.

Granted a line may have a curve in it, but curves make the line interesting and causes shifts. A curve in life will lead to a new direction and a new set of infinite points to discover.

Whereas a life not lived becomes like a point. And a single point is also a period. Periods put an end to a thought. The wonderful thing about periods is they signal the end of one thought, but allow for the beginning of a new one.

So if you feel like your life has become a point, make it a period. Put an end to that which is keeping you back. Then look to start a new line and put a curve in it!!!

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