O Happy Day – The Reviews are In

Yesterday I received my first review from my first client that wasn’t a friend or family, and it was good! Happy dancing for sure …

Here is the review I received from Cory Ellen Boberg of Indie Knits …

You were prompt and proactive in your communications with me, and I particularly appreciated that you checked in when you hadn’t heard from me for a few days. Since this is my first collection and I’m vending at my first event in less than a week, I’ve been very busy (and often multi-tasking!), so getting that little check-in note from you was a much-appreciated reminder.
You kept me up-to-date on your progress with tech editing, and were timely in the completion of your work, so I was confident that I could easily meet my publishing deadlines.
Tech Editing
You were thorough and accurate in your editing, and asked for clarification before marking non-standard details or numbers as incorrect. My style of pattern-writing often falls outside of industry standards – which is a conscious effort on my part, based on my experience as a local yarn shop employee who often works with newer knitters and pattern-readers. I truly appreciate your approaching my work with an open mind and a willingness to ask questions!
You caught several formatting, math, and style errors that I missed in my own proofreading, and your thorough attention to style & word choice helped me define a set of guidelines to use in future patterns.
Working with PDFs worked so, so well for me! I’m a visual learner, and working with a marked PDF made working through and transferring changes to the InDesign file incredibly easy.
It was a pleasure working with you, and I look forward to doing so again in the future.
Here is my very first review from Paola Albergamo who I met through testing and has become a good friend via the old fashion pen pal done with the modern twist of email.
“A special thanks goes to Debbi at Hummingbird Lace (Ravelery ID: DLF716) for helping me with this test. She worked as a tester and as a tech editorĀ at the same timeĀ and helped catch every little error and imprecision, and put me in the right direction for finally charting the pattern. Without her patience and accuracy I couldn’t publish this pattern.”

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