Rainy Tuesday

I am beginning to think I moved to Portland, not Blue Ridge, Georgia. I never knew there was this much rain in North Georgia. When I lived in Savannah, we would get a daily 5 minute shower but for the most part it was sunny most of the time. Up here it seems Mr. Sun has taken his toys and gone home. We had sum all this weekend, and what did I have to do, prep for a colonoscopy! Well I did get to clean up the porch and refill all the birdie feeders, but not much else. Seeing the sun just lifted your spirits. The only good thing about rainy weather is it forces you to stay inside and work.

Which brings me to my doings lately – I started a DIY course on tech editing, and realize I can’t wait until I can the mentored course, so many things I want to ask. Going through the course I do realize I think I will be good at tech editing, I like math, I am good at this kind of detail, and I can proof patterns very well.

I also purchased a better knit design software, life is going to be so much easier now. The program automatically recognizes pattern repeats, shows resulting stitch count whenever there is a change, has a much larger stitch library and can be customized to create stylesheets, saving me so much time. I am currently re-doing my first pattern so that I can learn the new program, so far very impressed.

Designs – I have two on the needles right now 1) done with a mobious cast on called Copper Pot that will eventually be a large cowl that can used as hood and cowl. 2) is a bias design that will consist of strips knitted on the bias finished with a lace top and short row cap sleeves, I am calling it Lattice Cardi.

Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 5 Pic 6 Pic 7Test Knitting – I finished one project called Sailor’s Warning, I did it in Noro Silk Garden, you can’t beat Noro’s color transitions, always makes for a beautiful garment. Rob helped with the photography, the designer liked the pictures so much she asked to use one in her publication, great stuff.

I am currently working one that is a beautiful design but detailed in the way it is knit, and it is knit on US#1 with lace yarn, lots of knitting and lots of pattern referencing. This one might take me to the deadline of April 20 to finish. But once done I will be happy I participated in the test it is a very interesting piece.

Organization – I am getting the yarn stash under control, I have nearly a quarter of it cataloged lol.

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