Snow in Georgia

I grew up in New Jersey and was used to seeing snow, then I moved to Savannah and saw snow only twice in 20 years. Then I moved to California for the last 5 years, only to come back to Georgia in March 2014. And what do I get SNOW! 6″ of it over night.

What’s funny is the first snow I saw in Savannah was the first year I moved to down south. Is this the South’s way of greeting me. I have to say I like it.

One of my other loves is feeding & watching birds, the snow has made our back porch a very popular place, in the last two days the little birdies have emptied the big seed feeder and made a pretty good dent in the thistle feeder. We have had around 20 birds frequently at one time, fun to watch for both me and Pumpkin my cat.  Also fun is to see that squirrels are still trying to outwit humans to get to the feeder. And he little guy would have had I not been looking out the door when he made his attempt.  Trouble brewing

Late yesterday afternoon a vibrant Cardinal showed up and he came back today to vie with the finches for food.

Pretty Bird

The snow is proving to be a nice break from the usual, especially since me and my family can stay hunkered down in the cabin. Yes it might be different if we had to travel. The only bummer is that Rob & I were not able to get to Savannah to visit our parents.

Full 4 hours ago

It was full 4 hours ago

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