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Today’s Blogging101 assignment is to play with themes. Again like I said when we did the title and tagline exercise, I spent weeks contemplating the theme for this website, I also used the advice given to me by Polly of Butterscotch Press, a career coaching service for people in the fiber industry. So instead of playing with themes, let me explain why I choose the theme I did.

The theme is provided by X Theme, a leading supplier of WordPress Themes. They have 100’s of themes to choose from.  I went through each of the examples about 5 times, I also did searches in Pinterest to determine what kind of images I wanted on the site. Basically, I created a mood board, an idea starter. Once that was complete, it became apparent to me I wanted something very clean. My main focus with the website was to be a destination for people who may want to engage my services as a tech editor. If I only wanted to blog I could have stuck with the WP hosted site, I wanted something beyond that.

I thought to myself, tech editing what does that invoke? To me it was a clean organized desktop, so that is what Polly and I worked to create. Tech editing is about reviewing and writing corrections, hence the handwriting font used for the title text. Desktop and writing images were used in the home page and in the service description pages.

I hope in the end, the theme and website structure that was built creates a feeling of a competent tech editor a designer would want to hire. Only time will tell now.

I would love feedback, did I get it right?

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