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It seems every time you join a web-based group there is the dreaded “About Me” box, and I never know how to fill it. I feel I am your standard human that walks the earth, nothing exciting here, so what could I tell you that you would want to read. Yet as I read others they often bring a smile, so I guess I am wrong in my thoughts. But that doesn’t mean I know what to say. A few years back I took some time to create one, since then I cut and paste it everywhere. But now I am in a different place, and it has come time to redo the dreaded “About Me” box.

So who am I? My most base self is an only child from two only children. Which means I have a very small family who mean a great deal to me. I have met several people who don’t talk to their family members for years on end, that doesn’t make sense to me. I once had a disagreement with my parents in which we didn’t talk for 6 months and it was the most heart wrenching six months of my life. I owe a lot to my parents and I deeply love and respect them. I believe I was a model child most would wish to have; of course they might dispute this; as letting my parents down was all I really needed to keep me straight. My parents are smart as whips (hmm wonder where that phrase came from) so I knew that I was going to have to be pretty smart to gain their respect. The one thing that is an absolutely  truism about an only child, is that we seek our parents constant approval. Luckily education was important to my parents, in 1st grade they saw the school system I was in would fail me if I stayed. So they researched and found the best in New Jersey and then found the ideal house in that area. I was fortunate to grow up in an wonderful small town with lots of things to do, areas to explore, people who cared and a great school system to boot. Before I went off to college I had many teachers that inspired me and left me with life long lessons.

Here’s an example, one teacher more than any other was my favorite, Mrs. Jaye my 5th grade teacher. I still benefit from her lesson on instruction writing to this day. It was a simple lesson, write how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on an index card. Once we finished, she pulled out a loaf of bread, a knife, a jar of peanut butter &  a jar of jelly and proceeded to follow our instructions. To this day I can see her reading “put peanut butter on one side of the bread and jelly on the other” … she literally took one slice of bread put peanut butter on he one side, then flipped that same slice of bread over and put jelly on it. This has taught me to be very literal when I write out procedures and  not to be concerned if I think I am putting in too much detail. Mrs. Jaye also sparked my love of the Colonial period in United States history. The town we lived in was one of the places Washington once camped during the winter. As such much trash was left behind, and as luck would have it, behind our school was one of the trash dumps. So every few weeks instead of a history lesson in a boring class room we would go outside to trash heap and play archaeologists. I found such wonders as mini bottles, a pair of glasses and a plate. I was hooked, I thought I wanted to be an archaeologist. That was until I met Mr. Miztak, my freshman advanced history teacher, acquainted me with the fact that an archaeologist has to read an awful lot of boring essays and in turn write those same boring essays for others to read, very little time was going to be spent digging.

So my education was great, I had a few very close friends, one very special guy in my life all throughout high school, which I think made high school easier for me than most. No pining away – who was I going to ask to the dance, would I get asked to the dance, was I ever going to be loved. So thank you Shaun. I was also lucky enough to have a rich arts program in my school for a creative soul this was heaven. I was part of the choir, drama, band,  and orchestra, I truly believe the science behind those that say arts help you in your other studies and I hate to see what is happening in our schools today.

Back to the “About Me” box, from the early years I can say –

I am an only child from two only children, who I deeply love and respect. My parents gave me a wonderful opportunity to flourish by making sure I was in a good school system. The school system provided excellent teachers that inspired and programs that  made me ready to take on the world of college. My parents also supported my by going to plays, concerts, halftime performances, teaching me to drive, providing for all my basic needs, teaching me I needed to work for the things I wanted, and taking me on some awesome vacations. They infused in me a love of knowledge, music and a good work ethic that helped make me a respected person in all my endeavors. I consider myself one lucky individual to be blessed with the two guardians I was given to shepard me in this world.

Seems like a good place to stop for now.

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