The Right Yarn

I am not stating anything wildly original, you need the right yarn to show off a pattern just right. When you are designing it becomes doubly important as you want to attract knitters to love and buy your design. With self publishing the number of options out there are tremendous so your have to have the right stuff to get them to buy your pattern.
Pebbles_in_the_river.jpgI have three patterns out now and I can’t say I know what the right stuff is yet, I have been told it’s summer so don’t expect much. But I can kind of get a feel by the way the patterns were received by testers. Two were grabbed up and one sat in the que just hoping someone would test it. I finally ended up pulling that design and then spent a lot of time thinking, why didn’t this go over well? Conclusion I used a hand-dyed yarn that wasn’t right for the shawl. The colors didn’t blend and therefore it looked stripy, it is a lovely piece but not a stunner.

Then I have another design I have been working on for a number of months, I know in my heart the design is good, but the execution just never seems right. I have been trying to force this beautiful white with a touch sparkle mohair to be THE yarn, but it stops calling to me when I get a couple repeats completed.  So I finally decided to try another type of yarn, a straight forward no muss no fuss yarn. Not even one repeat complete I can tell this is a much better choice. Why? Because the stitch definition is coming through better, and the fabric has more movement to it because the bias is  more pronounced.





So in conclusion yarn choice is so very important, if it is not working don’t be afraid to frog, then go for a new yarn. You will be happy you did.

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