Designs My designs consist of various stitch patterns, mostly lace with an occasional cable. After all, who can resist a good cable? Most designs include mixed and matched stitch patterns (usually a very lacy pattern mixed with a denser one) to produce rectangular shawls, triangle top downs, Pi shawls, half circle swirls and others. The complexity of creating a design that grows with the shawl is what I find fascinating about using lace stitch patterns. The finished designs have an ebb and flow moving throughout the knitted fabric. To create this I use strong geometric lines and increase/decrease combinations that create gentle bias within the fabric.


I thought I would try once again to do the #100dayProject, and this time I decided that I would try to blog each day. I started on a site that I have been playing with to learn more about WordPress. The problem is I don’t particularly like writing, so one week out I find that I already missed days. What I am good at is finding a way to express my creativity each and every day. In fact I think it’s part of my very core. It may be as simple as knitting for a few minutes a day, getting a design out either on paper or in the computer. Or practicing drawing the perfect sphere with all it’s various shadings. So I will be content in this 100 day Project attempt if I do something creative each and every day.

So the challenge started April 4, 2017. Since then, yes I have written a couple of blogs, let’s call that day 1, 2, & 3. Days 4 & 5 I knit BooKnits Snow Angel, from her pattern I am learning how to finish a top-down shawl with an elegant lace bottom. Then days 5 & 6 I started two new designs, Angels to Watch Over Me and Mountain Sunset Stroll, both working titles.

Today, day 7 I am working more on Mountain Sunset Stroll. It feels good to be creative 🙂