Time suckers I love to hate

Pinterest and StumbleUpon … places where you can go to browse content for ideas and the next thing you know 4 hours have gone by. I love Pinterest, ¬†and have just started using StumbleUpon. One other downside to Pinterest, sometimes I see so many beautiful designs it starts the negative talk monster in my head “oh I could never come up with a design that great” so that when I do sit down to jot down thoughts I throw them away because they wouldn’t come close to what I saw.

So I have had to force myself to say, hey you are new at this give anything a chance. It may be simple now but play with it you never know it might suddenly lead in a direction of stunning. And also the other old adage … the designers I am admiring now started out where I am today.

I have decided to alter my browsing Pins though, I now search for stitch patterns not finished products.

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