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For this assignment I will not be changing my Title or Tagline as I spent at least a week working on them when I first envisioned my company.

As I have a business site, that also hosts a blog, the title was going to the business name.

Crab Shack Designs LogoOriginally, the name was Crab Shack Designs. I choose this title because I thought my Mom and I were going to go into business together.  Mom & I were both born in July and we have Cancer the Crab as our astrological signs. Not sure where the shack came from other than I have eaten at a couple of Crab Shacks. And that was ultimately the problem, when everyone stood back and really took a look at the name and logo – to most it portrayed a dining establishment, not a creative arts type of business. In the meantime, Mom has other issues to deal with, so I was now on my own.

To come up with a new name, I started with lists and lists of words I liked, words that were associated with knitting and things I liked. I was making sugar water for my little backyard hummers and said wahla, Hummingbird! I had the first word, the second would have to do with knitting in some way. Since I specialize in lace it made sense to go with Hummingbird Lace.By this time I was using a mentor to help me setup the business. I tried it out on her, she loved it. To her it spoke of being fast and efficient which was a great thing to convey for the service aspect of the business I was going to offer. So the name was determined.

The tagline was something that popped into my head awhile back and everyone seemed to love it. I guess if I haven’t mentioned it my business is related to fiber arts, in particular knitting. I design patterns, tech edit, do pattern layout and create charts for knitters. Tagline/Motto I came up with is – Where beauty starts with a piece of string.

New logo – Hummingbird Lace

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