What is my Life’s Purpose?

What is my Life’s Purpose?

Starting a new year with a new planner. One of the first questions is to define your life’s purpose. I have to admit I have been drifting for the last couple of year, so I haven’t been sure. How can it be at 55 I don’t have a clue as to why I was put on this earth?

Which opens up a bigger question, Big can of worms here, did a God make me, sent me to my parents for a purpose. Or did my parents just get pregnant and have a baby? For today I am going to believe I have a purpose.

For years my purpose was easily define by my career in homeowner associations, I was to help people live a better life by creating a safe and pleasing environment for them to live in. I’m no longer in that industry, but somehow I think I am still driven to help people.

So after lots of thought, here is what I came up – My Life’s Purpose is to bring beautiful art to people. It fits my current narrative – my work at Gilmer Arts, acting on stage, helping but stage and my goal to director a play in the near future, plus my love of fiber art.

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