Where did the time go, and can I get more please

It has been weeks since I last wrote, and boy have I been busy. I engaged the services of Butterscotch Press to help get me started as a knit designer/dyer. In the process I also determined that I really wanted to pursue a career as a technical editor. Polly at Butterscotch Press has been of tremendous help. She has focused my thoughts about what I am taking on, given me a few technical editing jobs and encouraged me, while being very frank about the knit industry. I am excited about where I am going!

I have decided I really want to focus on technical editing, especially lace. I love the detail, the math and the beauty of the finished piece. I know lace and I know I can help other designers finish patterns from a lace knitters perspective that will earn the likes and loves for their patterns.

As part of getting ready to open the doors two things have happened – Crab Shack Designs is going away, upon reflection it really sounded like a restaurant not a craft business. After hours of thinking and brainstorming the new business name is Hummingbird Lace.  Hummingbird – a compact dynamo, quick, efficient and a something that has great beauty.

Here is the new logo

Hummingbird Lace

Number two, I have been tasked with coming up with at least six designs to post to the website and Ravelry. So far I have gone through at least five swatches that I have frogged, so at times I feel like I am making no progress, but I know this is all part of the design process. At this point I think I have six promising designs on paper and one I am designing on the needles. I have also chosen the yarns for the swatches so they form a pleasing palette. So what’s left, knitting them up to see if they are truly worth completing as a full fledged design for market.  So off I go to knit.

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