Who am I – Part 2

Who am I – Part 2

So I’ve now taken a test, all be it the online free ones, to determine Who I am according to – DISC, MBTI and Enneagram. And here’s how it turned out –

DISC – apparently I am most high as an I – Influencer, with relatively strong even levels in everything else. In terms of my values, I am highly driven by aesthetics, altruistic, individualistic, and theoretical. I am not driven by economic gain or regulatory. Yep that seems pretty accurate.

MBTI – amazingly this still came out ENTP, the debater. I really thought that recent life challenges and the way I have changed my life to response to them, would have pushed me more in the INTP category. Of course if I were doing the official test I’m sure I would still be very borderline in the E & I. In reading over the characteristics I would say it still fits.

Enneagram – this one is the hardest for me to put my head around. I tried coming at from listening to a book and determining on my own. But so many things to take in, so I decided to take a test and then get back to the book with a little of knowledge in my head first. So the basic online test indicates I am a 3 type – Achiever with a 3w2 wing. Then I took another test that indicated I am a 2 with a 3 wing. When I read the 3 and the 2, I think I fall more in the 3 category. And yes 2 the helper is a strong driver.

So now off to figure out what this all means. Especially as far as the Enneagram. If I understand it right, my personality type is something I have developed to help my cope in the world. There are things I can do once I understand how I response to the world that will make me happier. All comes down to self reflection, granted I haven’t gotten far in the book, but this sounded like mindfulness. I used a lot of mindfulness techniques a few years ago when my personal life was suddenly torn apart. They worked, so I am interested to see where this journey will take me.

Okay that’s enough self-reflection for now, on to learning something new … like how to use photoshop more efficiently.

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