Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Now wow isn’t that the age old question? 

About a week ago we had a mini melt down during a staff meeting. This resulted in the following week a suggestion that we all take some personality assessments and then see if they could help us function better. 

I have always been a big proponent of Myers-Brigg Type Indicator. I was fortunate to have a boss that used it as a communication tool for her leadership team, and further sent me to a leadership session that explained it detail. My assessment indicated I was an ENTP – Inventor type. Although my E & I were borderline. I have been through some very tough things in the last few years that I thought had driven me to more of an introverted place. But in the last retaking of the assessment, I find that I came out almost exactly the same. Hmmm

I am also looking into another assessment tool that I have no previous experience with, DISC. I have taken two assessments, each turned out differently – one says I am a strong S, the other says I am a strong I. Thinking I leaning toward the stronger I assessment. 

Then I also started exploring Ennegram. That one is proving to be confusing, but I really have just started, so I hold out hope that it will become clear shortly.

To learn more I am also reading several books. Although trying to read them all at the same time has my heading slightly spinning. 

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