WOTNW, What's on the Needle Wednesday

WOTNW – #1

WOTNW stands for What’s on the Needle Wednesdays. This is going to be a weekly blog post where I share some of my WIP projects. I say some, because if I shared them all this post would go on forever. I bet many of you have dozens of projects all around the house, it’s not just me!

I would like to invite everyone to share their WIP project by doing a pingback in the comments section.

Today I am going to tell you about a throw with the working title Rainy Day Puzzle. This throw is being knit in several different directions, with 4 different yarns. The yarns have a fall color palette and are super soft.  The diagram below shows the basic layout of the throw. As of right now I plan to have a different pattern for each segment.

Rainy Day Puzzle, Hummingbird Lace, June 2015

So far I have completed segments A, B, C & D. Segments B&C are similar lattice lace patterns, A is a lacey cable and D is a modified scale pattern.

I am working on the design for segment E, thinking about a complex cable surrounded by less complicated smaller cables. Or maybe several thin elongated cables. Definitely still in the design stage.

Segments F, G & H I am thinking will be knit/purl designs with very few openings as these are edge panels, want to give them more substance. F&G I haven’t figured out yet, but H I am planning a tree pattern of some sort.

Here are the yarns that I am using


  • Mirasol Yarn Paqu Pura, Mustard Blossom

    Mirasol Yarn Paqu Pura, Mustard Blossom Segments A & B

  • Malabrigo Yarn Mechita, Mandragora

    Malabrigo Yarn Mechita, Mandragora Segments C & D

  • Malabrigo Yarn Mechita, Dried Orange

    Malabrigo Yarn Mechita, Dried Orange Segments E &F

  • Malabrigo Yarn Mechita, Marte

    Malabrigo Yarn Mechita, Marte Segments G & H

So that’s it for this week. Again I invite others to post in the comment section your WIP blog posts, I would love to read about your projects and share with others.


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