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WOTNW 2016-2

Late last year I found out our friends were having a baby so of course as a knitter I knew I had to make them a baby blanket. So I set out on Ravelry to search for the perfect pattern. The Mom-to-be is a spicy Latina so I wanted to do something different. When I saw Spiral Cot Blanket it so intrigued me I knew I had to make that one.

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Well that started my latest obsession with spiral shapes.  I finished the baby blanket, and it was great, but mostly because of the colors. As a lace knitter it was too much knitted space, not enough holes :). So I have been playing with designs, and most have ended up frogged. The problem with a spiral pattern is the pattern shifts every row, so stitches don’t line up in a traditional manner. Also as I knitted I noticed that after the initial YO increases there was always a hole after 2 stitches, hmmm how could I play with that.  And play with it I did … I added combinations of YOs, ssks and k2tog. As it worked its way out the pattern started to get boring, so I asked myself – how I can I mix this up even more, let’s add more holes!

Right now I am nearing the end of round & round (and I do mean round & round) knitting. I have decided to finish it off with a knitted on lace border. Right now it is so hard to really see what is going on, too many stitches on the needles to spread out and it needs blocking to bring out the beauty of the lace. But I have faith it will be a satisfying result once the last stitch is knit.

So what do you think so far?

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