WOTNW 2016 – 4


WOTNW stands for What’s on the Needle Wednesdays. WOTNW is an on-going  weekly blog post where I share some of my WIP projects. I say some, because if I shared them all this post would go on forever. I bet many of you have dozens of projects all around the house, it’s not just me!

I would like to invite everyone to share their WIP project by doing a pingback in the comments section.

This week’s project

In WOTNW 2016 -2 I told of the story of how I became intrigued by circular shawls shaped like swirls. At that point I was still working on the body. Well the body is done!

The body is composed of 8 wedges each 70 stitches wide, so a total of 560 stitches in the last round. The shawl has not been blocked it yet, so it looks like a squishy ball of color. Pretty mind you but a lump of color. Yes the beauty of lace doesn’t reach it’s maximum wow until blocked.

So now I am down to the last part, the lace border. I am using the “Crest of Wave” lace edging as the finishing touch. The angled open stitches seemed to fit in with the swirl of open stitches in the body. I have three wedges done, only 5 more to go.

Normally, I knit on the lace border  as I go, but this time I decide to knit the lace border and then attach it when it was the desired length. Silly me, the beauty of knitting the border on as you go, you see the potential outcome immediately. When you knit the lace edge to the desired length and then attach, you have a long piece of pretty rope but no idea how it will look attached to the body. At 560 stitches to cover that is a long border before you get to the attaching part.  Well I was impatient so I started knitting the lace border decided I couldn’t wait to see how it fit with the body, so I started to sew it on. So now I knit a bit, sew on a bit and see the beauty unfold.  Lesson learned I should stick with knitting on my lace borders as I go!


Crest of Wave Lace Edging for Swirl Shawl

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