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WOTNW – #5

WOTNW stands for What’s on the Needle Wednesdays. WOTNW is an on-going  weekly blog post where I share some of my WIP projects. I say some, because if I shared them all this post would go on forever. I bet many of you have dozens of projects all around the house, it’s not just me!

I would like to invite everyone to share their WIP project by doing a pingback in the comments section.

This week I am working on an old favorite pattern, Cedar Leaves Shawlette by Alana Dakos. I did this shawl many years ago for my mother. It was a fun knit and the finished piece was lovely. However, I always wished it came out a bit wider. Cedar Leaf Shawlette

When talking about upcoming classes, one idea that was floated was to teach a knitted on lace borders, one of my newest favorites. And the perfect pattern to teach this technique – you guessed it Cedar Leaf. The basic pattern is built off short row shaping using stockinette stitch, very easy. Once the body is created then comes the leaf border, also easy once you master knitting on a border.  So I asked to have this pattern added to the schedule at Strings and Stitches, in Ellijay, GA.

The wonderful thing about this pattern is that is adaptable, so as I make up the sample for the class I am using a heavier yarn, bigger needles and will add a different lace border in a different color. This should add the width the previous piece did not have.

Right now I am still working the body … here is my work in progress

Cedar Leaf Redo Cedar Leaf Redo2

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