WOTNW, What's on the Needle Wednesday

WOTNW – #6

WOTNW stands for What’s on the Needle Wednesdays. WOTNW is an on-going  weekly blog post where I share some of my WIP projects. I say some, because if I shared them all this post would go on forever. I bet many of you have dozens of projects all around the house, it’s not just me!

I would like to invite everyone to share their WIP project by doing a pingback in the comments section.

Part of getting back in the saddle, means I need to get busy writing my weekly blog on my works in progress again. I have been a bad girl in not writing for at least a month.

So what is on the needles, well tons of stuff, all in half done condition, or so it seems. And the projects that are complete, need to be written up, arrgh, someone build me more hours into a day!

So here are a few of my half-dones –

  1. a piece that is made up of 4 different yarns going in several directions. I have moved to the 3rd yarn and the piece basically has the height I want so now I am building out the sides to make a comfy rectangle shawl. The middle is done is a lattice lace pattern, the rest has some cable patterns mixed in with knit/purl pattern combinations. Still need to design a few more side panels, but I am really pleased with the color combo and the feel of the yarn.
  2. I started with a basic triangle pattern formed with slanted decreases and yarn overs. The pattern spans about 30 stitches and is beautiful on its own, but I decided to shake it up. I took the original pattern and skewed it by about 4 stitches, the resulting pattern is very interesting, so I decided to skew it again by another 4 stitches, and yet again another interesting pattern emerged. So now I am trying to figure out a pattern that features all three variations on a theme.
  3. I have a piece that has a very plain stockinette stitch shawlette with an elaborate attached  cable and lace pattern. I did this in a cotton yarn. I think this is going to be a great knock around on a weekend afternoon piece.
  4. Tons more but I am starting to get itchy fingers to get back to the knitting so I can cross off something soon and post a FOXY time!

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