WOTNW, What's on the Needle Wednesday

WOTNW – #4

WOTNW stands for What’s on the Needle Wednesdays. WOTNW is an on-going  weekly blog post where I share some of my WIP projects. I say some, because if I shared them all this post would go on forever. I bet many of you have dozens of projects all around the house, it’s not just me!

I would like to invite everyone to share their WIP project by doing a pingback in the comments section.

So this week I am working on something totally fun and not business related … I am working on a spicy baby blanket for our friends out in California who are having their first baby in a few months.

The mommy-to-be is of Mexican decent and loves spicy colors. So I thought why do I have to stick to traditional colors, lets do something fun.

So my DH and I went to the local yarn store and picked out what I think are yummy but off the beaten baby blanket track colors. What do you think?

The blanket itself is very simple, a swirl with yo’s at the start and k2tog at the edge of each section.

  • Spicy Baby Blanket
  • Yarns for Spicy Baby Blanket

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