Yarn Dyeing – how much fun

So for the last week I have been playing with dyeing yarn using household dyes like Kool-aid,McCormick food coloring and Tulip tie-dye. Can you say fun. The only thing that has been a stumbling block is making dyeing blanks with the Singer Knitting Machine. The machine broke within two hours of use, grrr. Cheap China plastic.

The first experiment was with three colors of Tulip tie-dye – bright pink, pink & purple. I dyed two types of yarn, a 100 % wool worsted weight and wool & silk blend lace weight. Both started out as cakes, the bright pink was squirted into the middle, next pink as a next ring and finally purple around the outside. I was allowed to sit for about 30 minutes at that point purple was added to the lace weight yarn and bright pink was added to the worsted weight. One thing I noticed about the Tulip dye is that it didn’t seem to dissolve and in fact left debris when applying the pink dye. In the end both skeins came out wonderfully.

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